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Companies registration in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a country in Europe. The capital is Prague. Form of government - parliamentary republic. Population is 10.5 million people.

Registration of the company in the Czech Republic enables to do business in Europe, own real estate in this country, as well as obtain a residence permit.

The forms of the companies in this country are:

  • Limited Liability Company (Spolecnost s Rucenim Omezenym s.r.o.);
  • Joint Stock Company (Akciova Spolecnost a.s.);
  • Cooperative;
  • Subsidiary;

Limited liability company (s.r.o.) is one of the most common form of organization for the conduct of activities by foreign legal entities in the Czech Republic. The maximum number of founders – 50, min - 1. The authorized capital for the "S.r.O." must be at least is 200 thousand  CZK (Check Koruna).

Management of the company is conducted by the director, the establishment of the board of directors is not required. Any activity except "rental of residential or non-residential premises" requires a license and appointed officials.


Legislative regulations and all changes are announced a year or two in advance.

Since 2010: Corporate tax- 19%, VAT- 19%, reduced rate -9%.

Interests equals to the profits, so the tax rate is 19%. Capital gains are subject to the general corporate income tax.


The Czech Republic has signed a Double Taxation Treaty with many countries. Please consult our specialists regarding specific tax rates.

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