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Bank account opening


Walton Consultants Limited assists in bank account application processing of corporate and personal (private) accounts in the largest international banks located in Austria, Denmark, Latvia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Cyprus, the Netherlands and other countries.

When choosing a bank you should consider the following criteria:

  •        reliability and reputation of the bank
  •        local regulations and control over the banking operations
  •        government insurance of deposits
  •        the cost of banking services
  •        availability of Internet banking
  •        geographical location of the bank and its branches and other.


We take care of you at every stage of bank account opening and will help you:

  •        To make the appointment with bank
  •        To prepare documents to be provided to the bank, including corporate and/or personal   documents
  •        To comply with Due Diligence and Know Your Client requirements
  •        To accompany to the bank meeting if required
  •        To follow up the account opening procedure.

We can help you choose the best option available based on your individual needs. Please contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services.

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